He's a three time NASCAR champ, but driver Tony Stewart says 2016 will be his last season on the track.

FOX News Radio's Gurnal Scott has the story:

Tony Stewart says it was his choice to step away -- and no one else's. He announced the decision at his race team's headquarters in North Carolina. Stewart says he felt more than a decade and a half is enough.

(Stewart) "It's nothing that you plan. I think it just... I think it happens. I think deep down you know when it's time to do something different."

Stewart accidentally struck and killed another driver in a sprint car race last year, but he says that had no bearing on his decision. Stewart says he'll still race, just not on NASCAR's top circuit. Fellow driver Clint Bowyer will replace Stewart in the No. 14 car in 2017.

Gurnal Scott, FOX News Radio.