Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“A 6 year old girl give her mom a wake up calls a lesson of life after her parents been divorced.”

Grammar issues with the title aside, this video carries a strong message. Wearing a pink shirt decorated with cartoon bunnies, a young girl delivers a speech calling for peace between her divorced parents.

While this child is certainly wise beyond her years, there are children in cyberspace who are not.

“Kids Say The Darndest Things.”

This AFV Kids video montage is filled with children, blissfully ignorant to their hysterical ramblings — like this girl who is gifted a Ken doll. Or, this ambitious child who is reaching for the stars.

Speaking of montages…

“Movie Phone Super Call.”

Expertly edited, this trending clip by Burger Fiction takes phone call scenes from over 50 movies and turns them into a mostly coherent conversation that goes on just a little too long.

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