Jeff Gordon’s Focused as NASCAR Chase Continues in New England

NASCAR is off to New Hampshire Motor Speedway as the Chase continues in New England.

FOX News Radio’s Rich Denison gives you the lowdown in this week’s “FOX in the Fast Lane”:

It’s off to New England for the second of three challenger races as the Chase heads to Louden, New Hampshire.

As teams continue to jockey for position in the next round, veteran driver Jeff Gordon is on the verge of setting a new series record for consecutive starts.

Dating back to his first start 1992, the driver of the No. 24 Chevy has been behind the wheel for every race for more than two decades.

(Gordon) “It wasn’t something I really ever focused on throughout my career. I just always focused on working hard, staying healthy, and being as committed to the team from a drivers standpoint as they had been to me.”

Barring a catastrophe, Gordon will break Ricky Rudd’s record of 788 consecutive starts when the flag drops on Sunday.

And NASCAR’s new “Iron Man” thinks the best way to cap his final season is with a fifth title.

(Gordon) ”I’m really focused on the Chase, so that’s where our primary amount of effort and focus is at.”

FOX in the Fast Lane, I’m Rich Denison, FOX News Radio.

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