Kyle Busch Rides Hot Streak into Charlotte

The round of 12 gets underway Sunday in the Monster Energy Cup playoffs.

FOX’s Matt Napolitano has more:

It’s down to a dozen in the quest for the Cup as the top circuit returns to Charlotte for the Bank of America 500 Sunday. Kyle Busch entering this race weekend in quest of his third straight win, but says momentum doesn’t mean anything in the playoffs:

(Busch) “There’s a lot of racing to go. You know, I think week to week you can probably change your favorite.”

Busch trailing the leader Martin Truex Jr. by 18 points in the playoff standings.

This as one of the final 12 speaks out on pay for drivers. Denny Hamlin sounding off during the week that salary should be on the level of athletes in leagues like the NBA and the NFL:

(Denny Hamlin) “They’re risking their life each and every weekend, and they’re on the road just, you know, just like everyone else is each and every weekend.”

Hamlin speaking with Sirius XM NASCAR Radio there, calling for more revenue from NASCAR’s TV deal to be shared with teams.

This as NASCAR unveiled rule changes for 2018 to cars that will see the addition of radiators and common flat splitters for all races, and efforts to increase down-force and horsepower for competitors.

FOX in the Fast Lane, I’m Matt Napolitano, FOX News.

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