Legendary comedian Jeff Foxworthy called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss his work helping raise money for pediatric cancer with the Aflac Cancer Center, his upcoming "We've Been Thinking" tour with Larry The Cable Guy, his thoughts on Donald Trump & Ben Carson and performing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Listen here:

Does it bother you famous people like Donald Trump are running for president?

"Trump is such a fascinating thing, which is a great litmus test for the pulse of the country. I think people are fed up with career politicians. It's also interesting that Dr. Ben Carson is tied with Trump in Iowa. Neither one of them are politicians. I think it's an interesting statement."

Do you think Trump is tapping into American patriotism?

"Absolutely, he is tapping into the American spirit. I think people are fed up with having a commander in chief that does the apology tour around the world."

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