(AP Photo/Chuck Burton)
(AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

NASCAR's Danica Patrick has a new sponsor.

FOX News Radio's Kerin McCue reports:

Saying goodbye to GoDaddy, and hello to the newly-painted light blue race car.

(Patrick) "There's not quite a color like that out there and definitely not this much of it. Of course, more importantly it's going to look great against my skin tone."

That's Danica Patrick, who's very happy with the new deal for the Stewart-Haas Racing team.

Nature's Bakery has signed on to be her new, primary sponsor. Starting next season, fans will see the Nevada-based bakers tagline 'Energy For Life's Great Journeys' emblazoned on the side of her No. 10 Chevrolet SS.

Patrick, who wants to promote a healthy lifestyle, seems pleased.

(Patrick) "I really really do feel like family here and that I have a great new sponsor."

And company founder, Dave Marson says Patrick and his brand are a perfect fit.

Kerin McCue, FOX News Radio.