Huckabee Stands By 2008 Comments on Conversing With Iran + Responds to Jeb Bush

Gov Huckabee stood by his 2008 comments where he said we have to talk with Iran to move our relationship forward and offered up some specific parameters. He also responded to Gov Bush’s comments over his stance on the Iran Deal, quickly pointing out Bush has not been to Israel as often as he has.

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On Jeb Bush…
HUCKABEE: “Well, first of all, Jeb, I am pretty sure has never been to Israel as I many times as I have… I think he said ‘about as many times as he has’ I am pretty sure that is not the case…I have been there dozens and dozens of times.”

KILMEADE: Does it bother you that Jeb made those comments?

HUCKABEE: Jeb’s my friend. I like Jeb. Look, I think a lot of republicans are reacting to what the press reaction is. Look, the press always says ‘I can’t believe he has said that.”

On Amb. Ron Dermer’s quote to USA Today…
HUCKABEE: Look, I know Ron Dermer very well. He is the Israeli Ambassador to the US. I knew him when he was chief of staff to Benjamin Netanyahu. I’ve known Ron for 15 years. He is a great guy. He is saying what an ambassador has to say.

KILMEADE: Do you think he really feels the way you do?

HUCKABEE: Absolutely. I mean, I can’t put words in his mouth. I don’t know. I think he probably would have said it differently, but he is a diplomat and I am not. I am not trying to be diplomatic. I am trying to be honest.

On his 2008 comments…
HUCKABEE: I totally agree with what I said 8 years ago. Nothing has changed.

KILMEADE: You don’t think you have contradicted yourself now?

HUCKABEE: No. Conversations are fine but in that conversation the first thing you do in a diplomatic setting is that you make sure that we understand is that some things are unacceptable. For example, if we were sitting down with the Iranians today, I would say I want four return hostages on an airplane back to the United States. Number two, I want you to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, and number three I want you to stop chanting death to America and say publicly that you are no longer going to try to destroy the United States. If you aren’t willing to do that then we have no diplomacy. We have no basis for conversation because it is hard to sit down and talk to someone who has a gun pointed to your head.