Former Arkansas Senator (D), Blanche Lincoln, joined Kilmeade & Friends in studio and discussed Sen McConnell’s gender-card comments, 2016, the Chattanooga shooting, Martin O’Malley apologizing for saying “all lives matter” and Iran.

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When asked what credentials Secretary Hillary Clinton brings to the table, Lincoln said Hillary’s time as Secretary of State gives her insight on the global community and her time as First Lady gives her experience on how to handle the economy.

Turning to Martin O’Malley’s controversial apology for saying “all lives matter”, Lincoln said people need to focus on helping to create job opportunities for the middle class, including the African American communities to help empower them. When asked what she would have told the crowd if she were on O’Malley’s shoes, Lincoln said, “I hope you agree that all lives matter, we are all Americans.”

On Iran, Lincoln said it is important we engaged with Iran and feels this deal is not just important for President Obama but for the country. However, she admitted that she doesn’t know all that is in the deal because its classified, telling Brian, “It may not be perfect. I don’t know what is in it but we have to start somewhere.”

When asked if in the aftermath of the murder of marines in Chattanooga, Lincoln said it should be left up to the military to decide whether they should arm themselves on military bases and recruiting centers.