Mary Katharine Ham and Guy Benson sit down with FOX News Radio’s Dave Anthony to discuss their first book: END OF DISCUSSION. The Fox News and Townhall Magazine contributors are young rising stars on the conservative media landscape. In addition to her column with Townhall, Ham is a weekly panelist on The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly as well as many other Fox News shows including America’s Newsroom and Fox & Friends Weekend. Guy Benson, a contributor is also a regular guest on FNC shows including Gretchen Carlson, The Kelly File and Kennedy.

END OF DISCUSSION is the result of the duo’s first collaboration. The book explores ALL of the hot button issues of the day…and explains why we’re not allowed to talk about them. The list of the “officially offensive” grows every day – opposing viewpoints on topics like gay marriage, government policies, and women’s issues are labeled racist!, sexist!, and don’t forget – evil! Instead of engaging in discussion, people are slapped with a negative label which effectively ends the debate before it even begins. And, if you think this impulse is relegated to political fights, think again. Your association with the “wrong” fried chicken joints, breast cancer charities, or your affinity for certain songs, or comedians – even the light-hearted fun of college campus activities can land you in hot water…usually when you least expect it.

END OF DISCUSSION offers tongue & cheek analysis of how silencing makes America less free, feisty and fun and helps readers navigate those landmines and find their voices again.

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