Austin Dillon Talks Daytona Crash

NASCAR goes to the Bluegrass State for the Quaker State 400 Saturday night at Kentucky Speedway… Austin Dillon reflecting on his crash at Daytona… new rules for driver at Kentucky, and racing legend Buddy Baker fighting cancer.

FOX News Radio’s Marghiee Teshineh reports in “FOX in the Fast Lane”:

NASCAR goes to Kentucky this weekend and Austin Dillon will be there too, despite a horrific car crash at Daytona that sent his car into a catch fence and then landing upside down. Speaking to reporters this week, Dillon said:

(Dillon) “I will definitely be another advocate for safety myself, if I can help them in any way.”

And, after surviving a crash that bad, Dillon adds…

(Dillon) “If I can take a lick like that and feel as good as I do right now, I feel like I can do anything, you feel like Superman.”

This weekend at Kentucky, drivers are working with a new aerodynamic package with adjustments made to lower the cars’ downforce, to allow for more passing, especially through corners. Dale Earnhardt Jr. says itís a change drivers pushed for, so…

(Earnhardt Jr.) “I’m looking forward to, you know, seeing how this works.”

And, prayers and well wishes pouring in for Daytona 500 winner Buddy Baker, who announced this week he has inoperable lung cancer.†

FOX in the Fast Lane,†Iím Marghiee Teshineh, FOX News Radio.

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