isis-video-08_0Johnnie Moore, ISIS expert and uthor of “Defying ISIS” spoke with Kilmeade & Friends on the triple terror attacks last week and what it will take for President Obama to go hard after ISIS.

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Moore said we are twiddling our thumbs as ISIS continues to grow at a rapid pace across the middle east and elsewhere because our foreign policy is all talk and no action. Moore points out there are willing nations in the Middle East such as The Jordanians and Egyptians who are willing to put boots on the ground to take on ISIS but for them to be successful, America must support them with our military resources.

When asked if it will take a significant attack on the United States to get President Obama to retaliate, Moore said he has zero confidence President Obama will retaliate, even if we suffer an attack on the 4th of July. Moore believes the President will try to negotiate and do all he can to continue to stay out of a conflict with ISIS.