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Protesters are calling for a Texas police officer to be charged for his actions at a swimming pool.

FOX News Radio's Tonya J. Powers has details:

In McKinney, demonstrators gathered, chanting "fire him"... Then... Demanding that officer Eric Casebolt be charged for the incident that was caught on video.

It shows him pinning a black teen girl to the ground and pulling a gun on others after a pool party got out of hand.

Jahi Bakari's daughter was also there and tried to get involved, but he says despite her behavior, It doesn't excuse what she claims was a punch in the face.

(Bakari) "I was just too infuriated. And it just went from anger to disgust."

The homeowners association limits the number of guests at the pool, but more than 100 people, mostly kids, showed up... Some jumping over the fence.

Tonya J. Powers FOX News Radio.