A nearly 70-year-old board game embraces some modern slang.

FOX News Radio's Lilian Woo reports:

There are now a lot more ways to stump your scrabble opponent: 6,500 of them to be exact.

In the new version out of the Collins Official Scrabble Words List, which now allows some 2015 slang, spellings and technology terms such as "hashtag", "thanx" (with an "x"), "ridic", and "twerking" (as in the dance).

(Newstead) "Our job is to reflect changes in the language."

Helen Newstead, head of language content at Collins Learning.

For those who love that high scoring "Z" tile -- you can now use cazh and schvitz.

Collins is the official Scrabble word list used outside the U.S. and Canada.

Lilian Woo, FOX News Radio.