Dadly_VirtuesJonathan Last, senior writer of The Weekly Standard, stopped by to chat with Brian about a new book he edited, The Dadly Virtues. The book features a collection of 17 essays by an assortment of writers and humorists who offer up their advice on every stage of fatherhood.

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The Dadly Virtues includes essays by P.J. O'Rourke on the similarity between fathers and turkey basters, Jonah Goldberg on the moral case for having a pet, Stephen F. Hayes on why a sibling is best gift for your kid, and Tucker Carlson on filling your kid's life with adventure and excitement. Last shared some of Carlson's contribution, revealing the Fox News Channel personality wrote about building a potato canon for his kids, and then used it to launch his daughter's Barbie dolls across the lawn. " shooting them out of the gun, but their hair catches on fire, so they're like these flaming plastic lawn darts," he noted. "It's important to do these things with our kids."