NASCAR Gears Up For The All-Star Race

NASCAR goes to North Carolina Saturday night for the All Star Race at Charlotte. Kyle Busch gets back behind the wheel and NASCAR okays his Chase run, Danica’s next stop and chef Guy Fieri fires up the crowd!

FOX News Radio’s Marghiee Teshineh reports in “FOX in the Fast Lane”:

FOX in the Fast Lane.

Kyle Busch’s doctors say after suffering a broken leg and foot in February he’s okay to drive at this weekend’s All-Star Race. 

Busch says it’s the perfect race to come back to because…

(Busch) “It’s a non-points event. There’s mandatory cautions after every 25 laps and what not. So it gives you the opportunity to take a breather, take a rest whatever it might be.”

Carl Edwards says the All-Star Race is a…

(Edwards) “Good time to practice some of the things you want to try and you can be real aggressive.”

NASCAR is waiving the rule requiring drivers to start every race, so that Kyle Busch, who missed 11 races, will remain eligible to compete for this year’s championship.

Is Danica Patrick moving to Formula One? Patrick’s boss, Gene Haas, is launching an F-1 team next year and would only say, “If the right sponsor came along, then anything is possible”.

And celebrity chef Guy Fieri will be the grand marshal and honorary pace car driver for this year’s All-Star Race.

FOX In The Fast Lane, I’m Marghiee Teshineh, FOX News Radio.

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