An Oregon family plans to sue United Airlines.

FOX News Radio's Pam Puso reports:

Donna Beegle's 15 year-old daughter is autistic and during a United Airlines flight from Florida to Portland, Oregon last week she asked a flight attendant for hot food.

(Beegle) "If it's warm, she won't eat it. If it's cold, she won't eat it. No, there's... I don't have anything. And, I said, well, how 'bout if we wait for her to have a meltdown."

After the teen got fussy, she got a meal and calmed down. Then, during a layover in Houston, police showed up.

(Beegle) "We have to ask you to leave the plane. Captain doesn't feel comfortable..." 

The family was escorted off.

(Beegle) "People were shouting, leave her alone. Let her go."

A complaint's been filed with the FAA. The family plans to sue. 

United defends its decision.

Pam Puso, FOX News Radio.