VIRAL VIDEOS: Baltimore Mom Smacks Son For Throwing Rocks At Police

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Slapping her child and using strong language, this footage of a mother disciplining her teenage son, after catching him participating in the Baltimore riots is rippling through the Internet. Toya Graham caught her son wearing a hoodie and a face mask, as he joined a crowd and began throwing objects at police. The no-nonsense mom dolled out a strong case of tough love, that’s being applauded on social media.

Speaking of parenting… This short film called, “Pass the Salt” is also trending online.

It shows a father asking his teenage son to pass the salt at the dinner table. But, the kid is too wrapped up in his cell phone to even make eye contact with his dad, let alone the table and passes the pepper instead. How does the father handle the situation? By slamming a type writer on the dining room table and furiously banging away at the keys. Another strong dose of parenting… delivered.

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“Sesame Street: The Aveggies – Age of Bon Bon.”

And, in keeping with the parenting theme… we switch gears for this silly video that is trending online. The popular preschool program spoofs The Avengers in an attempt to teach children about focus. Cookie Monster is Dr. Brownie, aka the Incredible Hulk, who learns how to focus and uses his superpower to destroy a flying cookie.

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