Wednesday on "The Alan Colmes Show," Alan spoke with former Playboy model and Air Force veteran Michelle Manhart about her controversial confrontation with protesters and police at Valdosta State University in Georgia. Manhart was handcuffed after taking a flag from a group of students, which she said was being trampled on and treated "like trash." She was not charged with any crime, but her experience has ignited a debate over whether should should have been arrested or if she was within her rights.

Manhart and Alan debated whether she had the right to take the flag, which began as the property of the students protesting racism. Manhart countered that it is against the law to desecrate the flag in Georgia. Alan also brought up those who have said that her posing for PETA also wrapped in an American flag could also be considered being disrespectful as well. Check out the spirited conversation below!

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