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Wednesday on "The Alan Colmes Show," Alan spoke with former Presidential candidate and Nixon advisor Pat Buchanan about the 2016 Presidential race, the deal between Iran and the US, and what "President Buchanan" would do about immigration.

Buchanan told Alan that no GOP candidate has become the clear frontrunner for the nomination, although he was impressed with Sen Marco Rubio's roll out, why a Democrat should run against Hillary Clinton for their party's nomination in case she falters at all, and Buchanan's solution for immigration, which led to this exchange:

COLMES: So what would President Buchanan do, stop immigration? BUCHANAN: President Buchanan would put a moratorium on all legal immigration, which means no more than 250,000 coming in each year. I would secure the southern border. I would enforce the employer sanctions, I would give them one shot at it and fine them if they're hiring illegals and if they did it a second time, I'd have them down there mixing the concrete on the fence on the border. COLMES: When you say limit or stop all legal immigration... BUCHANAN: I think you put a moratorium on it. We had a moratorium on it from 1924 to 1965. COLMES: But then you say 250,000. You would allow 250,000 in? BUCHANAN: There are some people that are going to have to come in. But I would cut it down, cut it down at least a million year, I would cut it by at least three-fourths.