(AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)
(AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

What not to pack for this year's Kentucky Derby.

FOX News Radio's Kerin McCue reports: 

By all means... Pack your best clothes, mint-julep fixin's and ladies-don't forget your hats!

But don't bring your selfie stick!

More than 160,000 horse racing fans will be crammed into Churchill Downs on May 2nd. And the iconic, Kentucky racetrack encourages the taking of pictures. You just won't be able to use one of the pole-like devices to get that perfect shot of... well, you!

Organizers are following the examples set by the Lollapallooza and Coachella concert events. The expandable sticks are also verboten in the Smithsonian, the National Gallery of Art and Yankee Stadium.

Use all the social media and take as many selfies as you want on Derby Day, say the folks in Louisville. Just leave those darn sticks at home!

Kerin McCue, FOX News Radio.