Rick Scott

Florida Governor Rick Scott called into Kilmeade & Friends and talked about a range of issues with Brian.

Listen here:

Gov. Scott believes having both Senator Rubio and former FL Governor Jeb Bush running for president will highlight the many successes in Florida over the past 15 years, especially the importance of job creation, something Scott feels both Bush and Rubio have been a big part of in the state. When asked about Jeb Bush defending Florida's Stand Your Ground law during his speech to the NRA, Gov. Scott said stand your ground works.

Turning to Hillary, Scott is concerned that Hillary will represent four more years of President Obama's failed policies, especially economic policies that continue to hurt families. Another big issue Scott has with a Hillary candidacy is fighting ISIS. Scott told Brian that Obama hasn't done a good job stopping ISIS and he feels Hillary wouldn't do any better, adding "We Can't Afford Four More Years Of Barack Obama."

Gov. Scott also spoke about his current trip to California where he is trying to recruit companies to move to Florida because of the state's lower taxes which help companies grow and hire more workers.