What was supposed to be a prank leads to a felony charge against a Florida middle school student.

FOX News Radio's Pam Puso has more. 

14-year-old Domanik Green doesn't like one of the teachers at the Paul R. Smith Middle School in Holiday, Florida.

So, authorities say the eighth-grader pulled a prank, changing the background of the teacher's computer to one that displayed an image of two men kissing.

Not funny to this parent...

(Parent) "It's extremely alarming. And, they should have better security on these things, so that these 14-year-old's, 15-year-old's, 16-year-old's cannot hack the system." 

Green was suspended for ten days, he's also charged with felony computer hacking.

Police in Pasco County also say Green hacked into a computer containing last year's state standardized test.

Pam Puso, FOX News Radio.