(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)
(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

What are the sexiest jobs in America?

FOX Business Network's Cheryl Casone reports in "Hired!":

Getting you hired! I'm Cheryl Casone with the FOX Business Network.

According to WhatsYourPrice, it's a dating site that uses auctions to match participants, there are certain jobs that women think are more sexy than others. It's not just about salary... it's about power!

At No. 5 --  Business Consulting. You propose ways to help a company get more efficient, advise companies how to get profitable. Average salary: $78,000.

At No. 4 --  Lawyers. With 90-percent success on the site... when it comes to arguing legal issues and disputes, the attorneys are considered sexy. Average salary: $113,000.

Software Developer was No. 3. Creatives minds that build and organize computer programs. Average salary: $93,000.

Financial Advisor -- No. 2 on the list as sexy. Guide businesses and individuals to make investment decisions. Average salary: $76,000.

Finally, to be a CEO or Entrepreneur, you have the sexiest job in America, guys. You plan, direct, and boss around everybody, and your average salary comes in at $101,000.

I'm Cheryl Casone with the FOX Business Network for FOX News Radio.

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