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(AP File Photo)

A new traffic study ranks the most congested cities worldwide.

FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady reports:

We've all been there...

(Traffic Noise)

...But the new TomTom Traffic Index, might surprise you.

(Cohn) "Measuring the amount of extra travel time that drivers in cities all over the world experience because of congestion."

Istanbul is No. 1 out of 218 cities with 58% more travel time overall, 109% more in the evening rush.

(Cohn) "The evening peak turns out to be the most common worst time period for driving in the cities that we included."

Mexico City and Rio round out the Top Three. Brazil with three cities in the Top Ten. Russia has two... Including Moscow at No. 4.

Only one U.S. city makes the Top Ten: LA at No. 10.

TomTom's Nick Cohn also says their numbers suggest congestion gets better or worse when the economy does.

Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.