(AP Photo/Brendan Smialowski, Pool)
(AP Photo/Brendan Smialowski, Pool)

A nuclear deal with Iran is still possible, but they're trying to beat the clock at talks in Switzerland.

FOX News Radio's Simon Owen reports:

Secretary of State John Kerry and his counterparts from Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany all gathered to meet as-one with Iran, ahead of a deadline of late tomorrow to have the outline of a nuclear agreement in place.

(Hammond) "We're here because we believe a deal can be done."

The British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, saying Iran needs to make some tough decisions, if it really wants to convince the world powers on the other side of the table... that it's not trying to build a nuclear bomb.

The sticking points are said to include the duration of any deal and how quickly sanctions on Iran would be lifted.

In London, Simon Owen, FOX News Radio. 

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