A new survey finds 60% of those polled say they want to move when it's time to retire. But where are they going?

As FOX News Radio's Tonya J. Powers reports, the answers may surprise you:

Say "retirement spot"... and Florida comes to mind.

But a bankrate.com survey says the five best states for retirees are: Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Virginia.

And it's not just a popularity contest.

Chris Kahn is a research analyst for bankrate.com and says they looked at cost of living, healthcare quality, crime rate, weather and taxes.

(Kahn) "We're not just talking about income taxes. We're talking about property taxes, sales taxes."

He explained why states like Florida ranked lower.

(Kahn) "More popular places, more touristy places... things like the cost of living goes up, a lot of times the health care quality suffers, sometimes you'll see higher taxes."

The worst states on the survey? Arkansas, New York, Alaska, West Virginia, and Louisiana.

Tonya J. Powers, FOX News Radio.