(Photo Courtesy: gofundme.com/ThomasTowle)
(Photo Courtesy: gofundme.com/ThomasTowle)

A Maine man loses a lot of weight and needs help getting over one last hurdle.

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

Thomas Towle of Gardiner, Maine used to weigh more than 750 pounds.

(Towle) "But that's as high as their scales went."

And a doctor said:

(Towle) "I would be dead in a year."

He lost weight and got surgery after being kicked off a roller coaster with his younger siblings.

(Towle) "That was the moment that I knew I could not bring that shame on them."

He's lost about 500 pounds. But -- not all that skin.

(Towle) "So every day I live wearing compression garments. I live with rashes and sores."

He needs money to have it removed.

(Towle) "Insurance still believes that is 100% cosmetic."

He's started an online fundraising page at gofundme.comThomas with an h, T-o-w-l-e.

(Towle) "A dream for me is to walk out on a beach and take my shirt off -- just like everyone else."

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.