VIRAL VIDEOS: Robert Downey Jr. Delivers A Real Bionic Arm To A 7-Year-Old Boy

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“The Collective Project: Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm.”

This touching video shows actor Robert Downey Jr. meeting with a seven-year-old boy who was born with a partially developed arm, to deliver a very special gift. Working with the Collective Project, the “Iron Man” star affectionately banters with the young man, before revealing a pair of 3D printed robotic arms resembling the “Iron Man” costume. Good luck trying to not tear up while watching the pair hold hands with the robotic limbs.

Then, there’s this:

“Honest Trailers: Cinderella.”

The crew at Honest Trailer’s tackles Walt Disney’s animated classic “Cinderella” in this funny, trending clip that takes a somewhat cynical look at the beloved fairy tale film, and taking aim at the Fairy Godmother for her apparent lack of priorities.

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“Shake It Off: CHOP Celebrates Child Life Month!”

This inspirational video making the Internet rounds shows patients and employees at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia lip syncing and dancing along to the Taylor Swift hit song, “Shake it Off” to commemorate Child Life Month. The crew even throw in some original material. Watching the workers and patients “Shake it Off” while smiling ear-to-ear is certainly a heart-warming experience.

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