Ben Stein

Author & TV personality, BEN STEIN, dropped by the Kilmeade and Friends studio to discuss Iran and AG Eric Holder threatening to dismantle the Ferguson Police Department.

Listen here:

According to Stein, the most dangerous thing in the world today would be Iran having a nuclear bomb. Stein finds the idea of a nuclear armed country committed to killing every Jew to be scary, "Especially to me as a Jew!" Stein emphasized. In a couple of years when Iran gets nuclear weapons, the world will hold its breath wondering if this is the last day on Earth for Israel. Stein believes Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is a hero for coming to America and speaking before Congress about the dangers of a nuclear armed Iran.

Turning to Ferguson, Stein took issue with AG Eric Holder saying he is "prepared" to dismantle the Ferguson Police Department over racial discrimination. Stein thinks Holder is acting like a bully by trying to intimidate police departments all over the country by saying he could legally dismantle them. Stein said there is a war in America between criminals and law abiding citizens and police are not walking down the street looking to kill someone.