Whit Ayres joined Brian to talk about his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal titled "A Daunting Demographic Challenge for the GOP in 2016."


Ayres believes that despite the GOP landslide in the 2014 elections, the GOP has a voter demographic problem. Ayres said the GOP is counting too much on courting the white vote and if they focus on primarily white voters, they will lose the White House in 2016. Ayres said while many people point out how well George W. Bush did with minority voters, the demographics have changed and using that playbook will not work in 2016.

Ayres went on to say that there are many republicans who do well with minority voters today because they take their message directly to them. Ayres believes republican values of individual responsibility, limited government and a strong national defense does resonate with minority but stressed republicans need to take their message directly to minorities.