Could Cyber Crime Happen To You?

    (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File)
    (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File)

    Stories of cyber crime are common these days, but have you ever wondered if it could happen to you?

    FOX News Radio’s Tonya J. Powers has the story of one woman who found out the hard way:

    “Cyber INsecurity.” 

    Before her accounts were hit by hackers in 2013, Colli Bounds of Memphis thought the chances of it happening to her were far-fetched.

    But, when she got emails from confirming more than three grand in purchases she didn’t make, she changed her mind.

    (Bounds) “I thought it was a hoax at first, just trying to get me to log into the account, and so I looked at my bank account records and the money had actually been deducted.”

    The thieves cleaned out her checking and savings accounts.

    (Bounds) “I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t buy milk, I couldn’t buy gas, I couldn’t buy food… I mean, it was a very sobering experience.”

    She says it makes her angry.

    (Bounds) “In a way, you do feel violated, because they have your information — they took what you worked for.”

    Bao Nguyen is with Walmart. He says the company has not had a data breach, and takes cyber security seriously.

    (Nguyen) “We do go to great lengths to protect that for our customers.”

    So does Bounds, who still shops online… carefully.

    (Bounds) ”I will never store credit card information on another shopping site, ever, because of this.”

    Tonya J. Powers, FOX News Radio.


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