GOP 2016 CPAC Walker-1

Ed Rollins, GOP political consultant and Fox News contributor, gave his insight to Brian on the big players at C-PAC yesterday.

Listen Here:

Ed Rollins believes the big rising star emerging in the GOP is Scott Walker (R-WI), who Rollins said gave a great speech and those who haven't seen Walker give a speech in person before came away very impressed. Rollins believes Walker is a real leader who is not afraid of anything.

Jeb Bush: People need to be reminded who Jeb Bush is, he was a good conservative governor and must show he is a different person than both his brother and father.

Rand vs Jeb: There are several elements to the party, Jeb Bush represents the Wall Street element and Rand Paul represents the libertarian element of the Republican party

When asked about Sarah Palin, Rollins said Palin has shown she is no longer relevant.