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(AP File Photo)

New controversy raging over dog racing. Is it cruel, or harmless fun?

FOX News Radio's Jill Nado has that story:

You've probably met a greyhound, one of the gentlest and fastest dogs out there. That's why they're used at dog race tracks across the U.S. But a scathing new report says that racing is brutal, with 900 dogs dying and about 12,000 injured over the past seven years. The ASPCA's Nancy Perry calls it...

(Perry) "Wanton cruelty inflicted on 10's of thousands of dogs."

Perry says making it worse is that not many people are watching the races, that outdated laws require the tracks remain open in order to keep gambling operations going at those tracks.

(Perry) "They're only propped up by state laws that are requiring that dogs continue to run around tracks while people gamble in poker parlors."

But Gary Gushoney of the National Greyhound Association says the report is exaggerated.

(Gushoney) "There may be one or two injuries out of every 100 greyhounds that perform and in most of those cases, they come back and perform later on after they've healed."

Take A Paws. Jill Nado, FOX News Radio.