(AP Photo/Hal Yeager)
(AP Photo/Hal Yeager)

Add Alabama to the list of state’s that now allow same-sex couples to marry. But, not everyone in the state is happy about the decision.

FOX News Radio’s Gurnal Scott has the story: 

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to step in and block gay couples from being legally wed in Alabama. It was a happy day for many who’ve waited for the opportunity, but the legal debate rages on.

John Eidsmoe of the Foundation For Moral Law questions the power of federal judges in this case.

(Eidsmoe) “The views of the federal courts do not bind state courts.”

Attorney David Kennedy represents several same sex couples and says no state effort against gay marriage will stop them.

(Kennedy) “We will continue to litigate their case and seek to enforce their rights for as long as it takes.” 

The Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments on gay marriage later this year.

Gurnal Scott, FOX News Radio.