(AP File Photo)
(AP File Photo)

Donations are pouring in for a man whose commute involves walking close to a marathon every day.

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

A lot of people blow off work with a little snow on the ground, some bad weather.

James Robertson, though, has spent the last ten years mostly walking every day 21 miles total to and from his factory job in Rochester Hills, Michigan... with a couple of miles on the bus mixed in.

His car died in 2005 and bus service cutbacks means he walks the rest.

(Robertson) "This is what I'm going through. You know. But I do go through it with a smile on my face."

His story in the "Detroit Free Press" has inspired more than $125,000 in donations online, as of Tuesday morning, with a dealer offering a car free.

(Robertson) "I do feel a great deal of gratitude. Somebody shows you love and you accept it."

He makes $10.55 an hour, on the evening shift at Schain Mold & Engineering.

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.