In this week's Legal Lis: Lis speaks with Chuck and Kelly at WGY in Albany, NY about the Walmart vigilante who tackled a man to the ground for carrying a gun; she also talks with Sergio at KURV in McAllen, TX about the Dallas Cowboys fan demanding settlement over a call during the team's game; also Lis spends some time talking to Bob and Tina at WLNI in Lynchburg, VA about the Seattle Seahawks filing to trademark words like "Boom" and the number twelve.

List of other trademarks they are seeking:

  • The number 12 in no particular color or style
  • The number 12 in the font featured on the team's jerseys
  • "Boom"
  • "Go Hawks"
  • "We are 12"
  • "The 12s"

Trademarks they have opposed or considered opposing:

  • "Batch No. 12"
  • "Lady 12s"
  • "12 Nation"
  • "District 12"
  • "12th Blend"
  • "Beware of Hawks"

Listen here:

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