(AP Photo/Darryl Graham, File)
(AP Photo/Darryl Graham, File)

One of NASCAR's biggest names is getting ready to drive off into the sunset.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

(AP Photo/Orlin Wagner, File)
(AP Photo/Orlin Wagner, File)

Jeff Gordon says 2015 will be it -- his last season behind the wheel as a full-time driver.

Known as the Rainbow Warrior, Gordon raced into stardom, winning four NASCAR Championships from 1995 to 2001:

("Saturday Night Live") "Ladies and Gentlemen.... Jeff Gordon!"

He even hosted NBC's "Saturday Night Live":

("Saturday Night Live") "Every time I get in a car... there's a chance I could crash and burn in front of millions of people... so I guess I am prepared for this show."

Gordon's only 43. And isn't calling this a retirement because he could still compete in special events.

His 92 Sprint Cup wins in car No. 24 are third most in NASCAR history.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.