VIRAL VIDEOS: Gaston Push Up Contest

(YouTube / Blake Platt)
(YouTube / Blake Platt)

Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“Gaston Push-Up Contest.”

The misogynistic Disney character is back — winning the Internet’s hearts with another viral video showing the vain villain being challenged to a push-up contest by a tourist at one of the Disney parks. The character proves he’s as strong as his costumed bulging biceps, by offering his challenger an outstretched arm to help — before mockingly posing with one hand on his hip, while his other arm continues to do push-ups.

Then, there’s this:

“Jurassic Parks and Recreation.”

This trending mash-up combines the already viral Jurassic World trailer with fun clips from the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, creating an epic ode for Chris Pratt fans — as they watch the actor weave between funny one-liners from his TV show, while trying to keep a straight face hunting a genetically engineered dinosaur.

And, Facebook users are hitting the “like” button on:

“Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Gummy Bear vs. 12 Gauge.”

Warning — don’t try this at home. In this weird clip, a poor candy confection gets blown away by a shot gun. A massive, red gummy bear is pumped full of lead, before getting thrown into a plastic container and smothered with liquid nitrogen. Tasty. The mutilated candy is then left on a patch of grass and shot repeatedly with a 12 gauge shot gun, sending bits of frozen sugar everywhere, much to the delight of nearby insects.

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