(AP Photo/Pinellas County Jail)
(AP Photo/Pinellas County Jail)

A father is accused of throwing his five-year-old girl off a bridge.

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

John Jonchuck, 25 years old, from Tampa, is facing first-degree murder charges. A police officer says he spotted him going 100 miles an hour in St. Petersburg, then stopping...

(Holloway) "He walked over to the edge of the bridge and then took the child and threw the child in the water and then the suspect then walked back to his car and drove off."

The little girl, Phoebe was pulled from the water but did not survive. The father was tracked down and arrested.

(Holloway) "He may have some mental issues."

St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway.

(Holloway) "Now we'll continue to do more followup investigation to try to figure out what lead him to do this, what caused him to do this."

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.