VIRAL VIDEOS: The Best Of 2014 — Frozen, Charlie Sheen and Nicki Minaj (sort of)

(YouTube/Jayci Stephen)
(YouTube/Jayci Stephen)

Here is the best of 2014. Looking back at the top three viral video trends from the year.

We begin with Frozen — because, the Internet just can’t ‘let it go.’

“Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel and The Roots sing ‘Let It Go’ From Frozen.”

Broadway phenom Idina Menzel, better known to children as the voice behind the beloved character Queen Elsa, joins The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, along with The Roots, singing this interesting rendition of “Let It Go,” using classroom instruments for the accompaniment.

But, the Frozen fascination doesn’t stop there.

Frozen Christmas Lights.”

This clip combines two classic viral video ingredients — holiday light shows and Frozen. The Texas home featured in the video is drenched in white and blue twinkling lights synced to dance to the song “Let it Go.” Please. It’s time the Internet let…this…go.

Then, there was this:

“Charlie Sheen — Ice Bucket Challenge With A Big Twist.”

The Ice Bucket Challenge. That stunt where people filmed themselves pouring ice cold water over their heads to promote awareness for ALS — it was everywhere, and everyone was doing it. But, none could compare to how Charlie Sheen pulled it off. Talk about winning.

And, Facebook users hit the “like” button on:

“Girl Desperate to be Nicki Minaj After Wisdom Teeth Removal.”

Because, videos of people under the influence of anesthesia never go out of style. In this clip, a woman complains she doesn’t look like the popular female rapper, after having her wisdom teeth removed. Delirious, the woman then whines about how she wants to be best friends with Ellen DeGeneres — who, coincidentally, is known to bring people from viral videos onto her program as guests. Makes one wonder if the clip is for real, or put on. But, things like that never seems to matter in the viral video universe. And, for those wondering — yes, Ellen did bring this woman on her show. Hard work pays off.

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