Bill Richardson

Former governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, joined Brian and Gretchen Carlson to discuss North Korea's hacking into Sony and President Obama lifting the embargo against Cuba. Richardson said dealing with North Korea is unpredictable, and added North Korea is like a little brat kid who is very strong. When asked about what our response should be, Richardson believes our response should be, "Significantly more than shutting down the internet." One of the first things Richardson believes we need to do is to put North Korea on the terrorist watch list, which will affect them economically, as well as other tough sanctions. Richardson fears that other countries such as Iran, or some elements in China or in ISIS, may come after us after seeing how vulnerable Sony was to hacking. Richardson told Brian and Gretchen that he agrees with President Obama calling the hack attack an act of "cyber vandalism". Richardson believes President Obama doesn't want to escalate the situation and hopes North Korea will cool down because we don't know how North Korea will respond.

On President Obama's decision to open up relations with Cuba, Richardson agrees with the President's decision to open up relations with Cuba, saying he feels that our trade embargo has not worked and we should try to find ways to liberalize Cuba. However, Richardson said he also understands objections from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over President Obama not negotiating the return of a cop killer who fled to Cuba after the murdered a New Jersey state trooper over 30 years ago. When asked which side he is on: President Obama or New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, who was upset the President didn't inform him of his negotiations with Cuba, Richardson said he sides with Menendez because as head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee he should have been informed.

Watch Brian and Gretchen interview Bill Richardson here:

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