(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh, File)
(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh, File)

If you plan to give french hens and lords a leaping as gifts this Christmas -- you'll be paying more.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

It's Cyber Monday, but there aren't many online deals for:

('The Twelve Days of Christmas')"A partridge in a pear tree."

The annual 12 Days of Christmas report shows how much it'll cost if your true love gives to you all those things in that song:

('The Twelve Days of Christmas') "Six geese a laying..."

Those six geese are $150 pricier this year. Most other items in the song cost the same as last year. All of them combined would run over $27,600 if bought in stores. Slightly more than in 2013.

Purchased online the price tag's 8% more -- presumably because of shipping.

PNC says the most expensive gifts are...

('The Twelve Days of Christmas') "Nine ladies dancing..."

Those nine dancing ladies would charge more than $7,500.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.