Kevin Harvick

NASCAR's new Sprint Cup champion weighs in on winning the Cup, Denny Hamlin reflects on another year and another loss, Kurt Busch being questioned by police and Kasey Kahne gets a new crew chief and a longer contract.

FOX News Radio's Marghiee Teshineh reports in "FOX in the Fast Lane":

FOX in the Fast Lane.

Denny Hamlin celebrated his 34th birthday this week and though he didn't win the Chase, he has no regrets on the season that just wrapped up.

(Hamlin) "You know I'm proud of.. what we...the effort we put forth after the year we've had."

For the new Sprint Cup champ, Kevin Harvick, the move to Stewart - Hass played a part in his win but it's not just about having a great car:

(Harvick) "You have all these resources but in the end it's still, the biggest thing that I've learned that it still boils down to the people, no matter what you do."

Kurt Busch is talking to Delaware police who are looking into claims from his ex- girlfriend that he assaulted her. Busch denies the charges.

Hendrick Motorsports extends Kasey Kahne's contract through the 2018 season, but Kahne will be losing his long time crew chief Kenny Francis. Stepping into the top job will be Keith Rodden, Jaime McMurray's crew chief this year.

And remember the 2015 Daytona 500 is Sunday February 22nd.

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