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Brian opened the show discussing the republican strategy heading into today's mid-terms with Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), Vice Chairman for Finance at the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Senator Portman is confident republicans will take over the Senate. Touching on some of the close races, Portman believes Scott Brown has a great shot to win in New Hampshire. Brian and Portman are both shocked that the race for the Senate in Kansas is in play, with Portman adding he feels voters will keep Kansas red and re-elect Senator Pat Roberts. When asked about Mitch McConnell becoming the majority leader, Portman told Brian that McConnell is the one to pull republicans together in the Senate.

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Louisiana Senatorial candidate, Lt Col Robert Maness, who is running against Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy, believes he will emerge as the next Senator from Louisiana when all is said and done. In the event of a two-way runoff between Landrieu and Cassidy, Maness told Brian he will support Republican Bill Cassidy. When asked about Mary Landrieu saying the south is not kind to minorities and women, Maness told Brian that she does not understand the people of Louisiana, we are not racist or sexist, "We are good hardworking people who want to achieve the American dream."

Brian was joined in studio by Sharyl Attkisson, former CBS News Correspondent and author of "Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama's Washington." Attkisson told Brian that the ideological bent at CBS in the last few years has interfered with her ability to get certain stories critical of the Obama Administration on the air, such as Fast & Furious and Benghazi. Attkisson said at the beginning of the Fast & Furious story, the old management at CBS were all for running with the story. When new management came in, Attkisson explained they wanted her to tie former President George W. Bush to the scandal. When she told them there was no real connection with the former president and Fast & Furious, management didn't want her to pursue the story anymore. On Benghazi, Attkisson said when she learned the fight lasted for over 6 hours, she wanted to dig deeper. At first, CBS welcomed her reporting on Benghazi and then right before the 2012 elections there was pushback from the White House and she was forced to drop the story.

One of the big revelations in Sharyl's book is that her computer was hacked by government officials who were upset she was covering stories unfavorable to President Obama. Attkisson said she was informed by sources who came to her and said her computer was being monitored. This happened before the revelations that the AP and FNC's James Rosen were targeted by the government. Sharyl told Brian that there is a consensus among reporters that the Obama administration has been very difficult to deal with.

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Dr. Charles Krauthammer, FNC contributor and author of "Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics" was in studio today to give his expert analysis on today's mid-term elections. Dr. Krauthammer gave his thoughts on the historical significance of today's mid-terms and the potential impact on the 2016 presidential election. PLUS, he weighed in on the ladies of The View not knowing who he was!

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Senior writer for The Weekly Standard, Steve Hayes, told Brian he is most interested in the way the mainstream media is covering the mid-terms. Hayes said this election is all about President Obama's views and policies and the main stream media is upset their world view may be rebuked by voters. Hayes said its simple, the elections today are about President Obama and his policies. If the republicans take control of the Senate, Hayes believes they have to push on repealing Obamacare. Hayes also told Brian the republicans must put forth a serious plan to replace Obamacare.

Hayes touched on some of the key senate races, including Kay Hagen (D) vs. Thom Tillis (R) in North Carolina. Hayes said the reason Kay Hagen has now embraced President Obama after distancing herself from him is simple, she wants the black vote.

FNC's National Security Correspondent, Jennifer Griffin, explained to Brian that President Obama's strategy to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq is not going well. Griffin said the U.S. and Iraqi militaries are not doing enough to stop the genocide of the Yazidi women. In Syria, Griffin said the moderate Free Syrian Army have been routed by the al Qaeda linked group al-Nusra, who have cut off supply lines to the Free Syrian Army. Griffin discussed France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and the fact he is calling on the U.S. led coalition to strike in the Syrian city of Aleppo to keep ISIS from taking control of the city.


FNC's senior political analyst, Brit Hume told Brian that the mid-term elections are the only chance the people can express their support or frustration with a sitting president. Brit said this mid-term election reminds him of the 2006 mid-terms when the democrats took control of the House in President Bush's 6th year in office.

Brian's last guest today was Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace. Wallace agrees that Kansas is the most fascinating mid-term Senate race because Greg Orman has risen in the polls in recent weeks. Wallace points out that Kansas has not elected a democrat since the 1930's. Wallace and Brian agree that despite calling himself an "independent" Greg Ormam is a democrat. Wallace said if republicans take the Senate, they must show they can govern and not be obstructionists. Chris expects Congress and President Obama to find common ground in the next two years.

Brian ended his time with Chris with a little More To Know! They had some fun with some lighter topics, including Jay Leno returning to the Tonight Show and Adam Sandler's movie choices.

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