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HOUR 1 JASON BRASSE of the Wounded Warrior Project talked to Brian about the 10 year anniversary of the project and how it helped him after he was injured in Iraq.  The Wounded Warrior Project helped him physically and emotionally to find perspective in his life and helped him battle through his PTS triggers.

All-time winningest coach in college football history BOBBY BOWDEN checked in and talked FSU football and how they came back from 21 points down against the number 1 ranked defense.  Coach Bowden also talked about the trouble that Jameis Winston is having and talked about how it was a distraction and that NCAA rules make it hard to teach them as much as you would like.  Coach Bowden also thinks that collegiate athletes should stay amateurs and not be paid.  He also weighed in on his son saying Condi Rice shouldn't get to vote on the college rankings and said he agrees because he'd rather have a man than a woman because she never played the game.

HOUR 2 Speaker of the Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford talked about the state's Governor's race and how Charlie Crist is just a career politician who ruined Florida's economy the last time he was in charge and believes that Gov. Scott will be re-elected.  Gov. Scott's biggest problem is that he is not smooth and isn't promotional, he just wants to do the best for the state and make more and better jobs for the people.  He also weighed-in on Senator Landrieu saying that she may not win re-election because the south is racists explaining that since the Democrats began taking the African American vote for granted and that is the real reason they are not getting out to vote.

Orlando Magic GM PAT WILLIAMS checked-in and talked NBA and LeBron's return to Cleveland. He also talked about surviving cancer and what he feels they need to do.

HOUR 3 Fox News Digital Politics Editor CHRIS STIERWALT checked in to talk about the mid-term elections and the gaffs from the administration bashing Israel and even Secretary of State John Kerry.

TIFFANY BROOKS talked about Brian's book "George Washington's Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved America" and the addition to the book about what the identity of the female spy, Agent 355, during the Revolutionary War.

Bloomberg Business Week contributor and author of "Man Made", a book is about how a father learned how to be a man from his son, JOEL STEIN checked in and talked about the World Series and how the ratings were down.  Joel explained that the ratings were down because it is a regional sport and two small markets were in it.  Joel also talked about the NFL and how Jacksonville has embraced its small town feel and market and worked it into the stadium for the fans.