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Game Seven of the World Series saw the Kansas City Royals fall to the San Francisco Giants.

FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso reports:

APTOPIX World Series Giants Royals Baseball

It was a battle until the last pitch of Game Seven and the San Francisco Giants are champs once again with a 3 - 2 win over Kansas City.

Madison Bumgarner

Pitcher Madison Bumgarner, MVP...

(Fan) "Wow! Stud! You can't give that guy enough credit. He deserves the MVP for sure. It feels awesome!

(Fan) "It's been one heck of a season for the Royals -- no one expected this."

(Fan) "Sure we lost, it's been 29-yrs... we're starting this back up."

Bruce Bochy ,Pablo Sandoval

No road team had won a game seven since 1979 until now. The Giants' third trophy in five years now heading home to San Francisco.

In Kansas City, Jeff Monosso, FOX News Radio.