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HOUR 1 Author of "The Perfect Kill: 21 Laws for Assassins" BOB BAER talked about how the Iraqi President Al Maliki ran the country is what gave the rise to ISIS and has split the country and Iran is pulling the strings and wants to keep Iraq as a whole country that they will run.  The Obama administration doesn't want to do the smart thing and partition Iraq and let the Sunni and Kurds have their own countries that will be able to defeat ISIS in their land.  If the administration does this it would be admitting that their policies turned our victory into a loss and would lead to huge Democratic losses.  Bob also believes that Syria should also be split.

Former Congressman (R-FL) and Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) talked about how he feels that the GOP will be able to make huge gains in the mid-term elections basically because President Obama's policies have been an utter failure and his incompetence. He also feels that the Democrats will be hurt by Senator Harry Reid's obstructionism.  Lt. Col. West also wondered how the administration could even think about bringing over non-American Ebola patients for treatment.

HOUR 2 Founder, Hunstman Corporation, former aide to President Nixon and author of "Barefoot To Billionaire: Reflection On A Life's Work And A Promise To Cure Cancer" JON HUNTSMAN SR. explains how he went from the poor house to the white house, and now that he is a  billionaire he is giving all his money away!  He has given much of that wealth away to universities, poverty programs, the YWCA and (mostly) to the cancer institute and plans to give all his money to charity before he dies.  Mr. Huntsman also believes that President Obama will rate dead last as presidents because he has put a wedge between the American public and all the nations around the world. He thinks the reason Obama has failed is because a complete lack of experience in running any type of business and has surrounded himself with community activists.

Mr. Huntsman also said that the 47% comment is what sank Mitt Romney's run for President but that he won't run again. He believes that Jeb Bush will run, but feels the best GOP candidate is actually his son Jon Huntsman Jr.

FOX's Chief Congressional Correspondent MIKE EMANUEL discussed the State Department's memo about transporting Ebola infected non-citizens to the United States for treatment.  Mike and Brian are both very interested to hear what the State Department will officially say now that the memo has surfaced.  He also feels that President Obama going after Chris Christie was a mistake because it elevates him in the eyes of the public.

Billionaire basketball owner Mark Cuban dropped by and in this segment talked to Brian about millennials, what role the government should have with businesses and the NFL's problems

HOUR 3 America's Newsroom co-hosts MARTHA MACCALLUM and BILL HEMMER dropped by and talked about ISIS, the treat level being raised, the Ebola quarantine and more.  They wondered why they are called humanitarians in Africa but when they get home they feel they can do whatever they want.  Martha, Bill, and Brian also did 'More to Know" including a music study saying that pumping heavy bass music at work can improve results, the man who went missing after the Broncos game was found, and Joan Rivers.