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A singing road debuts next month in New Mexico and another reminder from GM on a deadly recall problem.

FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso with the latest FOX Wheels:

It's FOX Wheels.

Another reminder from GM months after the company recalled millions of cars because of a deadly ignition-switch defect. Less than half the owners have gotten their cars fixed. The company now turning to social media and FOX Wheels to get owners to bring their cars in.

When you think of historic Route 66, this song might come to mind...

("Route 66")

But there's a new tune...

("America the Beautiful")

...greeting drivers near Albuquerque on the singing road.

(Dosher) "When drivers drive over -- it plays 'America the Beautiful'."

Part of an experiment by Nat Geo to get people to slow down, says the state DOT's Melissa Dosher.

(Dosher) "They actually stamped musical notes into the asphalt."

Rumble strips that when driven across at the proper speed...

(Dosher) "45 miles per hour."

The song in its proper pitch can be heard.

Only six singing roads exist, including one in California that plays the "William Tell Overture."

That's FOX Wheels - I'm Jeff Monosso.

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