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HOUR 1 Fox News contributor and's KEVIN MCCARTHY dropped by and talked about the movies out this weekend.  He talked about Robert Downey Jr. starring with Robert Duvall in "The Judge" and he called it inconsistently great a great matinee movie but don't pay full price.  He talked about "Men, Women, and Children" a movie with a good message about kids and technology and how human interaction is being destroyed.

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Former major league baseball player and 4-time World Series champion JAY JOHNSTONE called to talk about Salute Military "Purple Heart Heroes Team" which was playing tonight, October 10th, at First Energy Park in Lakewood, NJ. Salute Military has the longest running all military baseball and softball tour that helps raise money for our soldiers when they get home.  For more info on how they can come to your town just go to

HOUR 2 Former DOJ Election Lawyer, whistleblower, PJ Media Legal Editor, and author of 'Crimes Against The Republic' J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS talked about liberals bashing Leon Panetta for writing a book bashing President Obama but these same liberals lauded Scott McClellan as a hero for writing a book bashing President Bush during his presidency. He also talked about Nidal Malik Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter, who the administration labeled his attack as work place violence instead of terrorism.

Fox News Digital Politics Editor CHRIS STIERWALT checked in to talk about the mid-term elections and how Democratic candidates are running from President Obama and even refusing to admit if they voted for Obama in the last Presidential election.  Chris and Brian also talked about Peggy Noonan attacking Leon Panetta for writing his book bashing the President.  Chris feels that Leon had to write this book to get it out there so that everyone sees that everything Obama does is political and without pressure or political repercussion he will do whatever he wants.

HOUR 3 Director of UVA's Center for Politics Dr. LARRY SABATO talked to Brian about Leon Panetta's book and said that he really doesn't like it because it is a violation of trust but at the same time he thinks that the people need to know the truth behind the scenes.  He also thinks that it might affect the mid-terms if the GOP can get the base riled up.

Fox News Foreign Correspondent GREG PALKOT weighed in with the latest from near the Syria/Turkey border.  Greg said in the last few days there have been over 30 air-attacks on ISIS while last week they had just 5.  The Kurds still feel that the attacks should have come before ISIS got into the town of Kobani.  Turkey hates the Kurds so much that they are still just sitting back watching what is going on, refusing to help and blocking weapons and fighters from getting to the Kurds.  Greg said that it seems like our whole campaign has the look of a work in progress and that the administration changes its mind as it goes along.