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HOUR 1 Congressman PETER KING (R-NY) talked to Brian about ISIS and the possibility of homegrown terror.  The Congressman said he was pleased about capturing the 19 year old who wanted to go out and fight with ISIS but unfortunately it shows that we are in danger here at home.  On taking the fight to ISIS he explained that airstrikes alone cannot take them down and we will need boots on the ground.

Congressman KING also weighed in on former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's book and said that even though it was instructive and showed what a weak leader President Obama is, he feels Panetta should have resigned if he disagreed with Obama on major issues.  King said, "When you are in an administration, you have an obligation to either speak out and resign when you are in the administration, not get all the honors and the farewell ceremonies and then two years later write a book...if you are asking me should a person do that?  No, if you feel that strongly about something-- that it is a moral issue, that you have to be out there--then do the right thing and resign from the office when you are there."


Neurosurgeon Dr. EBEN ALEXANDER who saw heaven and author "The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People are Proving the Afterlife" talked about the afterlife and his story of coming back after being in a coma after 7 days. Dr. Alexander explained that in this book he explains that reincarnation is real and that there is actual scientific proof. He also believes that we keep getting reincarnated until we get it right.

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HOUR 2 USA Today's Washington Bureau Chief SUSAN PAGE called in to talk about her interview with Leon Panetta. She said that she was surprised at how candid Mr. Panetta was and how far he went in painting a picture that raised questions of President Obama's leadership. Susan and Brian talked about how Leon believes that Obama has to learn to cut deals with the other side to get things done.

Fox News national security correspondent JENNIFER GRIFFIN talked about ISIS overrunning the Kurds near the Turkish border and not much air support from the U.S. led coalition.  The area is flat and you can easily see ISIS and bomb their heavy machines.  This is also a turning point because Turkey has to get off the sidelines because if the Kurds are over run, Turkey is next on ISIS' list.  The reason the administration has not named the airstrikes and the coalition because they don't want to own it as a war.


HOUR 3 Fox News foreign correspondent GREG PALKOT called from Sanliurfa, Turkey to talk about what is going on.  Greg explained that it may be too late to save the city of Kabani because ISIS flags are already flying in the city while we are bombing the outskirts of the city.  Greg also told Brian that in a twist of irony the Kurds are being attacked by American weapons that ISIS took over from the Iraqi army.  Turkey is staying out of the attack and not defending the Kurds because they are more fearful of the Kurds gaining power than they are of ISIS gaining a foothold in the area.  Without direct support from the U.S. and some help from Turkey there is no way that they can repel the attack.

The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson host, GRETCHEN CARLSON, talked about 'More to Know', the mid-term elections, the advance of ISIS and how more needs to be done to help the Kurds fight and whether Turkey will decide to help take on ISIS.